October 22, 2011

Hey ! xxxluvxx here to ask a very important question ! I know this girl who has to go to the prom (debs) and here dress is VERY colorful ! but she is too afraid to go wild with the makeup . I saw this image 


All the colours of her dress in this image and i think it would look lovely on her ! The other eye also has the colours . Do you think she should go with that or this 

Or that look ! 

I like all of them but she really needs to decide please comment ! 


B.E.P.Fan_4ever said...

No! Don't do that! If the dress is so eccentric she should wear some mascara and REALLY REALLY pale colours! Otherwise she will look like a circus! Sorry for my hard words.....i hope I helped!

xxxluvxx said...

Thank you ! I was thinking that too but she thinks it will go . Thanks :)

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