May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well as you all now the prince William and Kate Middleton (now a princess) are now married so congratulations to the happy couple . I watched the wedding and it was like in a fairytale . So here are some pictures!

Dress on Stardoll compared to real dress...pretty good match, right?

Well these are pictures of the bride but she has a beautiful dress so the images are beautiful to watch

xoxo Ana
(P.S. my doll's name is Bloom_James so don't wonder why on the crew page there is Bloom_James and on the home page Ana)

1 comment:

The Stardoll News Girlies said...

I love you Katherine Middelton and Prince William! I hope you have a great life with eachother and I hope you get healthy children ;) Can't wait for you to be king William!!!

Xoxo you're No.1 Fan, Maya

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