May 4, 2011

Hey guys!

So it's been a week sence I wrote about the members contest!
And guess what?!!!! We got...... 1 more member! At the rate we are going will won't even have fiffty members at the end of may!
Come on guys!!! Get some new followers! People on stardoll don't bite! They can't only say "yeah sure that blog looks awesome!" or "stop advertising in my GB!!" I mean really it's not that bad?!
Okay so here is a better deal, I will lower the amount of followers we need to a hundred, but guess what? Instead of 2 members getting 25, 3 will!!!!! So come on guys!!! Go out and get some more members!!!!

<3 gweny

1 comment:

The Stardoll News Girlies said...

I'll try :) Wish me luck :D

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