September 17, 2012

Message to EVERYONE

Hey dearest writers! Lina here! I just wanted to tell you something me and Kayci have been talking about.
So, school started, and all of us are busy. We talked, and realized she isn't very active! Forgive her, like we forgive you for not posting when you can't. She has tons of homework, but we do as well, so read on!

So, a few things that should be done:
-When posting after a long time, don't say "sorry" or "because". We know you are sorry, and it's not really our job to know why you didn't post, we all have reasons.
-Don't judge other people over not posting, it happens.
-Make sure you let people know you at least read their posting. A comment such as "read" is enough and okay.
-Read. It's very fun, because Sassy Magazine has talented and hard working writers!

-As you see, my pictures are anime icons. Yeah, I was inspired from WikiHow (Wikipedia How).
-We read. At least me and Kayci. We read your posts. All of them! I may not post all the time, but I try, and I comment! Do the same, a little "Great" can make someone's day, trust me!
-You aren't wasting your time! You are giving us information THAT WE READ!
-Don't post whenever you have time. That's stupid, why? Because you should post whenever you have free time, that is not for YOU. If someone has little free time, that person won't be forced to post then! We understand you have a social life. :)


p.s. SHOCK! Yeah, my real name is Lyana. But I'm not a fan
of my name, so keep calling me Lina! :*


Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

Great post, it really gave me info I didn't know.(: Thanks Lina!!

Anonymous said...

very true !

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