September 22, 2012

Acne Care

So, I'm writing because I just did my week feet care. And I noticed that the last post is MINE! Seriously people?!?!? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO POSTS!?!?! :@@@@


So, I was gonna talk about spots-acne. Many people say it's NOT good to get them out. Well, they are LYING. It just so happens, my mom is a skin doctor, AKA dermatologist. So, I have every right to be smart when it comes to these things, and I will say it up front: I don't care if you say I'm wrong, I have proofs from more then 10 dermatologists. ;P

Visiting the doctor

This isn't something you must do, unless your acne get too much. 

Taking care before you visit a doctor (or even if you aren't planning on visiting one)
So, even the smallest attention you offer to your skin is welcomed. Like, peeling, or a cream that fits your skin. I can't say which cream fits you, cause I don't know your skin... 
If you are panning on visiting a doctor that will take your acne out, the days before going, you shod take extra care of your face, just to ease the job and pain.

I will not lie
I won't lie, the first time you visit a dermatologist to take your spots out, it hurts. If you visit the doctor again (in less then 2 months) it won't hurt. 

Why take acne out (proven)
What are acne? (gonna say it in a simple way) Dead skin cells. And the body doesn't want to keep them, so the spot is created. Some dead cells go out with peeling, but some just stay. If you don't take them out, they become hard like little sand drops. If that doesn't make you take them out, then the next image is the result.


What to do to prevent some from coming?
Acne come because of puberty and sometimes your period, they cannot be stopped THEN. But you can stop the other acne. Many people say that acne comes from chocolate. Well, the newest studies prove that they come from the MILK inside the chocolate. So don't drink too much milk. Also, with the proper care and creams, even the other acne will be stopped from coming.

I don't care if you think i'm wrong,
I KNOW i'm right. ;}


Anonymous said...

can you tell me more about your experience with the dermatologist? im going soon, and i'm scared):

LaLaLina said...

My mom is a dermatologist, but not the type hat gets acne out, she handles skin problems. First, they will put on some fancy creams and fancy other stuff. Then, they will start getting the acne out. The first time you go it hurts, but the second time (as long as it's not 3 MONTHS LATER!!) should be just fine.

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