September 16, 2012

Things to do on the Internet

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Hey guys! So, there must be some like me, that use the Internet every day, but not for Stardoll or Facebook. So, if you are bored: Go outside or do something fun! But if you wanna stay and waste your time on the computer, here are some suggestions:

-So, I left Stardoll (my doll is now used my my real life BFF Kalina.), but that doesn't mean its over for me. No, I do not mean that pathetic excuse of wasting time-Facebook, that I left a loooong time ago. Here is what I mean.

1. Youtube
Is one site I can't live without! I have an account and I log in, vote and LISTEN TO MUSIC all the time. Usually I listen to Marina and the Diamonds 

Anime Girl Listening to Music facebook timeline cover, music, anime, girl, headphones

2. Yahoo Answers
I actually really like that place because It is very informational! It is me helping, and getting help from others. Besides, some questions can be very interesting!

The Internet Movie Database is a very interesting place! I learn all kinds of stuff from there! Find out everything about EVERY movie! Make lists and more!

4. Anime Here &
Anime here is the best site to watch cartoons. I don't watch any cartoons except Naruto. I just love it. And that is where I watch the episodes. is the best site to watch, well, anything. You can find every Tv-Show there! I am watching Game Of Thrones and reading the books now: EPIC!

5. Polyvore
That has to be one of the most creative sites ever! Especially if you are someone that loves fashion ans styling and clothes!

6. Sassy Magazine!
Don't forget to post and comment on the way there!

My next post is what to do when you are bored, but isn't an online activity!

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