November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy-The Depression

Hello everyone, I'm sure many of you...especially the writers...are mad at me since I haven't been posting or online recently. Well, first I actually have a decent excuse, and I'm sorry the blog has been so unactive...I'm thinking it's maybe time for a quick holiday break soon. Anyways, two weeks ago, I was hit by a hurricane...known as "Hurricane Sandy." The hurricane was only a category 1, but every beach by me is perished and devastating to lay your eyes on. It was a disaster. My grandparents had to live with me for a week...there house was damaged a lot...and we didn't have power for over 7 days, so I'm so sorry guys :( Then I went on vacation for another week. Ugh, this Is such a mess I hope everyone isn't mad at me. Let's get into the Holiday Spirit!

-kkrrbb78 :)

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