October 24, 2012

Halloween and history

Hey, Martyna here. So we know that each day is getting us closer to Halloween! Shops are starting to sell treats and costumes, ready for this huge celebration!Halloween was a celebration in the Celtic times, and was quite popular in Ireland.

On halloween, adults and children dress up as creatures from the underworld(zombies,ghouls,ghosts,witches,vampires, wolves etc.), light bonfires, watch terrific firework displays and hunt their town for sweets!
We all know about 'trick or treating' and most children adore it! Mostly because you get sweets, but also because sometimes, the person opening the door to the trick or treaters has decorated their houses and put pumpkins outside their house.
Halloween is a very popular celebration, over 20 million adults and children(including teenagers) celebrate halloween! Sometimes, adults even dress up as witches etc.
I hope you all enjoy your spooky Halloween, Until next time, Bye!

Xoxo Martyna

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