August 23, 2012

How to get a soft, natural looking face!

Kayci, Could you make me a banner after your not busy anymore?(:

Hey, Martyna here.(: Today, I will tell you a way to get your face looking soft and natural! This does not include face packs. Make sure you do this during the day, you will see why in the last step.

Warm water
Big bowl
Towel big enough to fit over your head and  your big bowl

STEP ONE: Cut up around 3-5 pieces of cut up lemon, then take a big bowl and pur some warm water into it(make sure that the water is not too hot).

STEP TWO: Put the cut up lemon pieces into the bowl of warm water & place it on the table. 

STEP THREE: Place your face over the warm water and lemon slices(don't let your face touch the water), and put a towel over your head, make sure it covers the bowl as well, so that the warm water doesn't get cold(Do this whilst sitting down, don't stand up, its not very comfortable).

STEP FOUR: Keep your head over the water for 10 - 20 minutes. When your going to sleep, put some cream on your face. What kind of cream to use? I'd recommend Nivea.(: And do that everyday for a week or two(two is even better), and you will start to see a difference!

I actually do this at least 3 times a week, and my face feels so nice, I am also starting to see a difference. Even if you have a nice soft skin, trust me - you can get it better! I hope this post helped, I know it was a bit random, but there are absoulutley NO freebies, sorry. Comment on what you think.(: 

Hope you enjoyed my post, have a great day/evening, whatever time it is(Its evening here in Poland).
Xoxo Martyna.(:


LaLaLina said...

Isn't it hard to stand over the water for so long? :\ Anyways, i did my own banner, the one you see on my posts. I can do one for you is you want to.

Anonymous said...

If you read the rules, you would see that I am making banners, so you, Lina & other writers will get them soon, i'm currently very busy. Like this post! Nice work(: xoxo -kayci

LaLaLina said...

Okay! Just don't use our SD dolls on he benners, will you? At least not on mine.. Pleasee

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

I don't understand anything thats going on. And Kayci, thanks, but I said I don't know where the rules are. And Lina, thats very kind of you, but Kayci's making them , maybe some other time you can make it for me? :DD

LaLaLina said...

She's making mine. so.

Anonymous said...

@lina...idk i might what else would i put on it? We'll see.

@Martyna...i posted them scroll down and you'll see. Yes i'm making them for all writers.


Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

Okay, thanks Kayci c:

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...


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