March 30, 2012

How to look stunning without being a SuperStar

Hi, this is rosario_kira again and I am doing another post for Kayci's contest on Ghandoora's blog. If you have never been a SuperStar, or you have been only one or twice, then these tips are for you. We all know that stardoll has a lot of limitations for non-SuperStar members. Well, that is understandable, making stardoll possible is their job and have to make some money from it. Even with limitations non-SuperStar members can have a lot of fun! I will tell you some tips and tricks on how to achieve a better look for your doll and how to enjoy Stardoll even more and without paying a single cent. 

Starcoins & Stardollars

Beign able to save our money is the key for getting better items for our dolls. If you want to save a good amount of starcoins you have to be constant. Try to play everyday and collect your daily 40 starcoins, there are lots of stuff you can do to get them. If you don't know what to do to get the starcoins or how many are left for you to get the 40 you can clic on the starcoin icon in the right upper corner of your screen. You will see how many starcoins you have left and what can you do to get them. 
Saving stardollars is more difficult, but it's worth it. To get them the only thing you have to do is log in the stardoll's facebook game ( EVERY DAY. After 5 days you will get 5 stardollars, 5 days after you will get a gift, 5 days after that you will get 5 stardollars again, and so on. 

Freebies & Sales

You have to be keep an eye on the latest freebies that stardoll release. They sometimes release some really cool stuff and beautiful clothes. There are lots of blogs that give detailed information on how to get these items. 
Also, always keep extra starcoins to take advantage of the sales, you might find that item you ever wanted for a very low price. 

The makeup

This is the most important part of your look because your face is what other users will se when surfing aroung stardoll. A nice look will get their attention and they might go visit you suite. Stay tunned of freebies and new hidden stores because you might get a very good piece of makeup for free or for starcoins.
Before you spent it on anything else, use your saved stardollars to buy makeup, start with the basics:

  1. Lengthening and Volumizing mascara
  2. Black and white eye pencil
  3. Lipstick
  4. Eyeshadow
  5. Blush 

I recommend you buying these items at Dot because they are way cheaper than LUXE's items. From then on you can start buying different colors of makeup or buy new HairColors from DorĂ©e. 
I also recommend you to buy neutral colors, such as peach or light pink, at the beggining, so you can match your makeup with any clothes you wear. 
You have to be very patient, because you will have to be saving for a lot of time to get the makeup you might want.  

Clothes & Shoes 

You must be very careful at the moment of buying clothes. Always seek for items that you are sure you will use several times. The key for taking the most advantage as posible form starcoins is to save as much as we want, so we can use them when we see a really nice piece or to take advantage of sales.
If you don't care too much about make up or you see a really good stardollar item on sale, then use the starcoins, but use them wisely.
I recommend you buying clothes ar Wild Candy, it has beautiful pieces and they are all sold for starcoins. 

The suite

Decorating your suite is the part in which you will have to be the most patient. 
You can either buy pieces little by little, or keep yourself from buying clothes and save starcoins for a while to buy more items to decorate at the moment.
You can also look for items at the starbazaar, you might find something cheaper than in the suite shop. 


These are the main tips I recommend you to follow in order to make your doll look way better. They work for me, but it takes me a lot of time and patience.
I hope you liked these tips and that they will be usefull to you, and remember... patience and saving is the key! ;)

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