April 1, 2012


Hello stardolians :)
  I'm depi2/Despina and I'm writing this post for kayci's fashion comp.
Today I will talk you about fashion,both in stardoll and real life.
Well to be honest I'm more in the mood of talking about vampire diaries
-I just finished the 1st book and I'm hooked with it..I read the book only
in 3 days & I cant wait to read the 2nd- but fashion is a topic I never get bored so..Let's start!
  Actually,that's why most of the girls like stardoll:In stardoll you can wear clothes you couldn't wear
in real life,you can make outfits using anything you want and even wear blouses as skirts or
skirts as dresses without being afraid of what other people will say.Most of the times
the result is amazing and not funny.If you can make amazing outfits using  flowers or wigs using feathers
you will be considered as creative and not as crazy.However you should do the same thing in real life too.
Use your imagination and don't be afraid of what other people will say.Don't wear clothes you don't like
just because you want to follow fashion.Find your own,unique style and prove you can create your own
fashion rules.I don't say you have to do crazy stuff in order to look unique,just add your fashion signature
in each outfit and,believe me,the result will be much better than any other outfit.
 Here is an outfit I made:

 As you can see I used 3 tops as a dress and I combined them with some nice acessories.
Of course I understand it's not the same for real life but as I said just add your personal touch
to each outfit and it won't be anymore like the others-in a good way of course!
Some ideas are to combine different acessories and colors -without overdoing it-
or even create your own clothes by change a few stuff at your old,boring clothes.
However if you think the result won't be really good search google for
ideas and advices and your clothes will be even better than any new piece of clothe!..
..And now I bet you know why:Because it will be unique!



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