January 10, 2012

Styles on Stardoll

So, here on Stardoll (well this is actually blogger, but you get it), we have styles, so i told my lovely models what to wear, in order to show you the 3 most important: Dressy, Professional and Casual.

Special thanks to my models, who are the reason this post is happening :) : abbeydawn122, bracken1234 and Bloom_James). The modeling job is still open, i need to models... 

(You can guess that this is professional)

Skirt- PPQ Velvet Skirt (12 sd)
Blouse- DVF White Keyhole blouse (22 sd)
Belt- Perfect Day Silver Braided Belt (80 sc)
Bag- Young Hollywood Piano key star clutch (85 sd)

(Now this, is dressy)

Dress- PPQ Tassle minidress (28 sd)
Shoes/Boots- PPQ Gold tiw up boots (24 sd)

(And this is the casual look)

Dress- PPQ Efia dress (32 sd)
Shoes- Sharpay Shoes (o sc, free shoes)

It seems to me that we have the most PPQ items! How did you like this post? Please comment, i put a lot of tots to this post.


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