September 11, 2011

CG Dish

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-Makeup Improvement
(Makeover on CG)
-Album Rating

Today's Covergirl is....


Okay, So... a brief review of her "Before look." Well, let me say one thing that I honestly hate...WAY TOO MUCH JEWELRY. She's got the crown, the bow and the earrings, plus those pink lips. Hate em'. I mean, really? They look so fake.

So, anyways, what do you think of my little makeover on her?

I give her....

So, these are some pages of her album. I would say it's okay..I mean, honestly It just isn't...creative, or well...different. I've seen better--I've seen worse, but this album isn't the best. Her first couple pages are pretty good, but the rest....ehhh.

I give her....

Nails and Toes
I would probably say I like her nails/toes the best. They're simple, and cute, all you really need...Her toes could be a little better, but they're good:)

I give her....

Now, last but not least, her most recent scenery

I think it's pretty good, but I mean...honestly I'm kinda sick of hearing "Vote me MSW, I'll vote you back!" Blah blah blah, yes it's cool...i guess, I want to win a little myself, but not that badly. Many girls are obsessed with winning, but I mean c'mon you win something online? and get prizes! Wow....The only thing I want is the Ipod touch, but anyways, her scenery is pretty good.

I give her...

So, her average is....

Comment! (:

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