September 15, 2011

Recycle your makeup & jewelry

Yap, from today, you can recycle in your beauty parlor, your makeup, hand jewelry, feet jewelry... One word, everything that is in your beauty parlor! That is actually really cool! If your clothes are to pretty, you need money, and the only way is recycling, you recycle some old glasses!

(image from USD)

Also, all of you superstars out there, don't forget to exchange your
saved starcoins to stardollars and buy something really
pretty, and put it on! Inform, me, if you buy something, so I can see it!

(image from USD) 


1 comment:

Anonymous. said...

I think that it's a stupid thing: the recycling box of beauty parlour. i mean, who is gonna throw their makeup or stuff.
i'll keep mine because i hope stardoll makes a beauty parlour items bazaar one day so i can get the hotbuy items i didn't have the chance to get :D

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