September 16, 2011

Fashion Disater!

I'm back with yet another... FASHION DISASTER!!! So, today I went onto Zelocan's suite and saw her wearing this:
Wow! Very Gothic! I would never go for this kind of look on my medoll unless it was halloween ?
 So, I decided to give her a good fashion make-over!

Here is Zelocan after I was finished:
 I decided to go for a casual but stylish look. The wind of thing I would wear to go shopping or something like that. 
Although I didn't think Zelocan's make-up was bad but because I was bored I decided to do it as well!



Do you like it?



The.Stardoll.User said...

Isn't this a bit offensive?

Anonymous. said...

Actually I think her first outfit was original but the one you made was nice too.
To be honest, her first make up was much nicer than the one you did.

I kind of agree with the person above me, I mean we sometimes have bad fashion moments. xD
I'm sure you have them too.

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