September 14, 2011

New Topic...

So, as no-one entered my weekly competition I am going to write about a new topic called: Fashion Disaster!

I will go on quite famous peoples suites and see if they have had a 'Fashion Disaster'. If they have I will give them new clothes to make them look stylish and wearing the latest trends! Today I will start with Mant__* (quite a famous doll on stardoll). Here is what her clothes were like when I first visited her suite:

I personally HATE this look! I think it looks very tarty and like your about to strip! This is only my opinion and I dont want it to offend anyone.

So I decided she needed a fashion make-over and this is what she looked like when I was finished:

This is a more classy and eligant look but at the same time its still very stylish!
On most posts I won't do hair or make-up but the way Mant__* has her hair and make-up makes her look very childish and punky so I decided she also needed a SERIOUS make-over!



I tried to make Mant__* look more natural then fake and I chose the colours carefully so they matched her skin tone!

Tip of the day: Don't be fake and over do everything!

Hope you liked it!


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