April 8, 2011

Writers and Graphic Designers in need!

Hi everyone. Sassy Stardoll Magazine is looking for writers and graphic designers. I want to get the blog running again! Apply in my gb! I REALLY REALLY need a graphic designer. Please apply!

I need
- A Covergirl Dish Writer
-Makeup Tutorial Maker (use pictures from the web, and make your medoll wear the same makeup)
-Makeup Artist (make up your own makeup)
-Interview Maker (Interview popular stardolls) (overgirl, ncg, blog writers, etc.)
-You can also give me an idea about what you want to write about! :)
-Contest's (you must provide good prizes)

In order to be a writer..
.you must follow the blog
.you have to be active on here and on stardoll!
.you need skill!

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