September 28, 2011

Doll Dish

Covergirl Dish
September 28th, 2011

Hey guys, welcome to Covergirl Dish! So, today, I am doing the covergirl. Many people want their doll dished, so I have a lot to work on, I was thinking of maybe making new topics? I don't know though, it's up to you guys, so comment with ideas, or anything, so yeah...comment! (;

Anyways, today I'm doing a short 'nd sweet CG Dish.
That's going to be the new segment name for the CG Dish.
Anways, if you guys have any ideas, like clubs for this, raffles, anything, as long as It's approved by the lovely Ghandoora, of course! (:

So, let's begin!

Displaying a nice natural look StarKasiulaxD (click to visit her) is showing her true beauty with a nice simple look. She has on some blush, and some black eyeshadow. She also is wearing short-lash mascara. Nice, and simple. Well...maybe a little too simple, perhaps? I would say so...If I were her I would add something else. Her look is nice, but too plain. 

Overall Rating
4 stars

Just recently changing her outfit, StarKasiulaxD...pretty....but confusing? Her look is displayed with a natural white color, mixed with a few dark shades, also shown with some gold color. Pretty...but confusing is what Is in my head at the moment. What is she trying to display? To me she looks like a roman. 

Overall Rating
3 Stars

Showing some talent, StarKasiulaxD really fits with the Star in her name. Showing some creativity in her suite, she matches color, and doesn't put anything in the wrong spot. Her rooms are all different, and she also reveals a hidden talent with some designing!


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