September 27, 2011

Daily CG.

Our Daily Cover Girl Is....Polivm
Shes Been On SD Since 2007 Thats Quite Long,
The First Room Of Her Suite Looks Truly Not Very Detailed For A CG And Roalty... Okay It Has 176 Items But Thats Pulling The Old Trick....Her Rating Out Of 5 Is Only 3.
Her Me-doll Is Great But The Outfit...Not Very Good.She Put At Least 5 Items On It...A Long Striped Top,Bangles,Shoes,Purse And The MSW Sash. Her Rating Out Of 5 Is 2.....Seriously Though...Put More On To Liven It Up!

Her Hair And Face Features Are The Best By Far! Her Lips Make Her Look Very Average. And Her Hair Makes Her Look A Tiny Bit Like Me:),Her Eyes Arnt Like Many Other People. KWcat Has Them...And I Think My Cousin Does Too XD,She Has Stuck False Eye Lashes On And Eye Liner...But Just 1 Light Colour Of Eye Shadow.. And Just On The Bottom Bit As Well!.Her Rating Out Of 5 Is 4:)

 What Do You Think Of Her? Comment Below?

Over All...
4 Stars.:)

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