September 25, 2011

Doll Dish!!

Want to get your doll dished?
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First, let me say FINALLY. Someone who actually doesn't have the black and white smokey eye---and, if you haven't already heard me say...I LOVE the black and white smokey eye, believe me, but its too average, so If you want me to dish your doll, then atleast don't have the smokey eye(:  Green is not my favorite color, but It's different, and the color is perfect for her(:
4 stars

Outfit and Suite

Well....her outfit is....well.....I don't like it. It's too dark, and too dull. But I'm surprised actually, because her main suite room is displaying many tasteful outfits, that are more colorful, that would look so, so, sooo much better on her! So, judging by the outfits I'll cut her a break, and give her some credit, because those outfits are so cute!
3 stars

Okay, well for being a member without the superstar membership, her suite is very tasteful. The thing is; when your not a superstar...what do you expect? Having no stardollars, makeup, etc. For no stardollars let me tell you this; I would just leave, because yes honestly you can't do a lot without the membership, but I must say...I have to applaud her work!

3 stars

Her final voting is...
Good job Missrosey67!

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