July 16, 2011

Woowww....Angry birds.


Clary said...

How dare you!!

Bek is one of my best friends! And you say that about her! Thats horrible.

I sent her the link for this post. Shes going to be hurt. Oh and they are WORTH THAT MUCH. Its DKNY and they get more and more expensive every day. Deal With It.

xx Clary.

p.s soo not reading this blog anymore.

charleyrox said...

Ohhh....Sorry I felt rather upset,She was being rather mean! didnt you see?

xxclaudz said...

Wow.. they are actually rare, like Clary said. Anything DKNY is valuable and goes up in value with time.
You cant be mad at her just because she wont sell them to you at a cheap price like 40 Stardollars.

Elle said...

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. I obviously haven't known Bek for a long time, but I know she could never be mean. Also ANOTHER thing, aren't those headbands in her wish list? So why would you be angry or upset with her if she doesn't have it?


IceyCold123 said...

Slow Down! Chicka:D I dont even no you:D You never asked me if you could buy:D Also i just got those headbands yesterday from a dear friend:D did you ask me ?? Maybe you did But i really never think you did . Thanks Girls For The BackUp :D Love You!

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