June 28, 2011

Cool new smiley & News on Facebook

Hey! So, i wanted to say, i just listened to the new David Guetta song & i noticed that one of the top comments is: SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE MUSIC!

Along with that comment was this cool "smiley" face that i really liked and also copied, i couldn't wait to show it to you wonderful followers and also writers! :) It's like a little dude! that looks like he is doing Yoga, but he actually is enjoying the music, and showing "some" fingers! Ok, let me get to it!


Cool A? Ok, so, in 2 days, i'm gonna post some more! And, i'm gonna show you something new coming up on facebook! Checked out Underneath Stardoll lately? I know i did, so, there was this thing, to find out what is the sentence, when i saw the comments it was obvious! 


You think that it isn't a joke? :|

                                                                                        See ya soon,
                                                                                                               Laura! :*

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