May 15, 2011

I don't care.. i need a rest of stardoll, really. :L
 I am to addicted, I need to TRY my best to avoid going on stardoll for one day! Gosh..Gimme a break stardoll!!

Highlight this: HHAAH! You actually thought I was going to have a rest?, no way! Never ever in my life! Ilove stardoll an di am addicted
So anyway, you highlighted that? Good ;) Anyway  on with the post!!
Really?!?! I didn't know! Well we are able to earn SD by doing so much
. Here is what Stardoll wrote;


This is the page to keep up-to-date with the latest offers, so you can get all the rewards you deserve! Some offers are valid only once and some just keep on giving. Check out the offers

Translate Any Webpage with Babylon!

Try Babylon today for one-click translations between all major languages and earn Stardollars!

  • Stardollars awarded when you download and install Babylon.
Get 4 Stardollars within a few hours

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Send cheeky poems with Purple Ronnie’s Express Yourself.

Send your a cheeky poem or two with the Purple Ronnie’s Express Yourself application. Virtual flowers, clothes and goodies are also available in this fantastic application. Create your very own Ronnie or Ronnette today!!!.

Stardollars will be awarded once a poem is sent to friend in the application. Offer reports on a 15 minute delay.

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Maya <3 A.K.A Starbuster9000

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