May 16, 2011

More ways to earn and use your starcoins...

Stardoll made some changes to the rules about starcoins! (copyed from The official stardoll blog)

We’ve made some additions and updates to Starcoins!
We’re making shopping with Starcoins in Starplaza easier!  If you have a Starcoin item in your shopping basket but don’t have enough Starcoins in your purse, don’t worry – we’ll help you exchange them upon checkout.  Note: this feature is for current and previous Superstars who have Stardollars to exchange into Starcoins.
Recycling Starcoin items gives you Starcoins back!  You can recycle items that are worth at least 10 Starcoins and receive 5 Starcoins!
More Starcoins for activities!  We’ve bumped up the Starcoin reward so, basically, you can earn more for doing the same activities.  Also, check the list over the next couple of weeks as we’ll add fun, new ways to earn more Starcoins!
And…there is, of course, no charge for previous Superstars to exchange their Stardollars into Starcoins.

Your most loved

Gwen <3

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