November 25, 2010


Update For Magazine
Writers (For Compition)
Models (For Compition)
you need to write a 2-3 paragraph essay on this article:
you will see a picture of 8 new outfits coming in 2011, i want you to tell me what outfit is your favorite. Tell me why and give examples, make sure you state 3 reasons on why you like it.
3 writers will be chosen to be in my magazine.
you will need a holiday outfit. It can be revolved around christmas or channukah, or whatever. You can do red and green, whatever you like. You need 2 outfits, post them in your presentation.
4 models will be chosen.
*Note:if you arent on this list you can tell me and i will add you, plus if you're a model you can be a writer too, and if your a writer, you can try out to be a model.
Good Luck!
Please Read Fine Print:
If you do not hand in your article or put your pictures on your presentation you will be disqualified from the compition. If you had a funeral/a lot of school work or something important like that, i will only accept that. I will give you one shot at that, but anyways if you don't give me a good reason im sorry, you will not be in the magazine, so girls please hurry! I don't want to disqualify anyone, so get your entries in! Good luck, have fun, and be quick!!! Hurry!

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