November 8, 2010

Magazine Coming Soon!

Hey girls! Welcome to Stardoll What's Hot and What's Not! Anyways, I have some big news...stardoll what's hot and what's not is going further. Thanks to all of you! I was so happu when i saw 53 views on the first day, that made me smile. Please make this continue! I want to get some more popularity for the blog and for you! Now, back to the website improving. Okay, so i know the second one is going to be exciting, that oppurtunity is for ALL OF YOU. I'm not giving anything away so keep reading okay! tehe;) Okay, so our website has 1 thing that we are accomplishing..and 1 thing that is for you more below ;)


So far we have almost 70 views in less that 3 days! I know were not very popular yet, but that can..WILL change;) That can even change with your help! Sadly we don't have any followers so im going to have a contest. Read below for more info on the contest. But, anyways thank you so much for getting us to 70 views, wow look at that i just checked again and we just got 9 more views. That means a lot girls! You all acomplished something. Okay, let's not get emotional. Haha, im just kidding! Now lets get serious. Back to the competition. The rules are below. We need atleast 7-15 people in it...okay read below.


Im having a contest for models and writers for the models for my magazine. Okay so choose what you want to be, either a writer or model. Read the paragraphs below for your assignment for your competition.

If you want to be a writer you need to write me a 2-4 paragraph essay on anything you like (example: fashion, animals, news, ect.) and send it to me as a message (send to KKRRBB78)
Im looking for good detail and good writers. I look for good sentances, vocabulary, and passion. Good luck girls!
Looking for: 5-7 writers

I know most of you probably want to be a model..i can understand that but just know that only 5-7 models are making it. Here's what YOU have to do. Dress up your me-doll in some good outfits. Like...maybe 3. And send them to can use tinypic and send me the links, post them on the internet, or put them on your presentation-which i suggest when using parites. Okay, good luck everyone, and please remember everyone does not make it, so please please don't be offended if you don't.

Contest Rules
.Only 1 entry per person
.no cheating!
.dont use internet articles! you will be eliminated if you do!
.you need atleast 2-4 paragraphs!!!
.have fun
.be creative
.Only 3 outfits (entries) per person
. no coppying! (if i catch you, you will be eliminated)
.use your own fashion sense!
.have fun
.be creative
.you need atleast 1 entry, but i suggest entering 3 outfits (better chance of winning)
*Please Note: If you do not become a writer/model i will give you another chance with the opposite thing (if your a writer, don't make it, you can try to be a model). BUT you get only 1 chance. And if you don't make either, im sorry...don't be offended. But know, i am always looking for models, especially for the December magazine!!!! So don't get discouraged from trying!
Thank you!
Please let me know if you want to enter in a message/guestbook entry (KKRRBB78
Good luck girls!
-KKRRBB78 ; )

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