September 7, 2012

Modeling Tips & Measurements

Hey! Back to my usual posts. So, i promised to give you the ups and downs of many jobs, and my first, is my job-modeling. Okay, I need to get a bit older, and then i can start. So. I will tell you, how tall you need to be, what you need to do, and what you need to look like.


*Runway Models: Those are the tall and slim models that you watch on fashion TV.

*Commercial Models: They work for catalogs mostly but they as well travel a lot. I know, a commercial model can be in every catalog, and I mean Victoria Secret as well...

*Editorial Models: My goal. They are the models that you see on the covers on Elle, Vogue, etc.. They sometimes appear on photos in magazines.

*High Fashion Model is the highest you can get. They can do almost all of the above, except Runways. They appear on many magazines, billboards, etc... You don't just get there, to get there you must start with some above.

*Plus-size Modeling: Is another thing. I think the title says it all.

*Petite model: Again, the title is all.

*Part model: To clear this up, it means a hand model, a foot model, a face model, a body model, etc...


*Runway model: You start from 5,8. If possible, MORE! That's why it's so hard to get in. So:
Height: 5'9"( sometimes 5'8") to 5'11"
Bust: 31-34"
Waist: 22-24"
Hips: 31-35"

*Plus size: Er...

*Commercial Model:
They can be any height, just not under 5,6..
*Pretty slim, never overweight
*Other doesn't really matter
*You just need to look really, really good!

*Editorial Model:
 Size 0-4.. 5’8(9) – 6′ and 34-24-34 and their look is very edgy,different &/or odd and quirky. 

*High Fashion: Eater Runway measurements or Editorial!

to be continued...

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