August 21, 2012

Fun tips + New banner

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Welcome again! As you can see, i have a new banner made! I worked hard and i like it! Proud! I was thinking, it's summer for some, well, some of you may be staying home, some on the beach, and some just in another city. I have a little something for all!


Going to the beach. With friends: Play volleyball, show off, and swim! Get ice cream! Don't worry, it doesn't have as much as calories as you think! Have been working out? Time to show it off! 
Going with family? To some, that might sound boring, but there is medicine for that as well! Get a magazine for example. Get in the water and explore. Get a jumping rope. Oh, i love it, i jump once and i can't stop!


Don't worry! The Internet isn't just Facebook! Research! What is interesting for you? Personally, i like researching models, Egyptian and Greek mythology, etc... Get a book. I don't mean boring books, in fact, i have some recommendations:! 
-Game of Thrones~I'm hooked! I get the book and i can't put it down for hours!
-Harry Potter~Never gets old! Better then what you are expecting
-Hunger Games~Didn't impress me that much, but it's worth reading
Watch TV Series and movies:
-The Amazing Spider Man~ Defiantly yes!
-Game of Thrones~The first episode is scary and disturbing, but i love the rest!
-Find some other movie you like


Yes, well, there are always pools! Plus, sightseeing is something worth doing. Besides, you can go shopping, no one blames you!

Well, till next time guys,
let me know what you think,
Linna ♥ ❤ 


Anonymous said...

youre a great writer. love yuhr posts :3

LaLaLina said...

Hey Kayci. I know it's you.. -__-

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