August 21, 2012

Top hairstyles and crazy hairstyles

Hey, Martyna here. Sorry, no free items yet. So I was sort of bored and I was messing about with my hair, which gave me an idea of hairstyles to write for this blog. Anyways. Moving on; I searched up a few hairstyles and I will post some which really interested me:

 Beachy waves:

So what I really like about beachy waves is how it just shows off the curls. I love that hairstyle, I also think adding 2 or more plaits near the front makes it look even more trendy.
Messy hairstyles:

Its not always all about looking beautiful and neat, the messy hairstyle shows you don't care too much, which really looks cool. When I'm rushing to go somewhere and my hair is not right, I just put up a messy bun, which saves stress and getting angry because your hair looks messed up, but if your ever rushing, or even if your going to a special occasion, then messy hairstyles are always great!


Even straight hair can hold these curls. Prep damp hair with volumizer, and blow-dry with a round brush. Next, wrap sections of hair around a medium-barrel curling iron, stopping an inch or two from the roots. Place the curls randomly so they don't look like old-fashioned ringlets. Hope these tips helped, I have tried this hairstyle before for a party, and believe me my friends and even strangers were complimenting me, so this is a great hairstyle!

HOPE YOU ENJOYED THEM! Now I will show you some hairstyles that just amazed me, and will probably amaze you too:
Wow, this is amazing! Its been teased a lot as you can see, and its a bigger version of Lady Gaga's bow!! That probably amazed you, right? I wonder how she got her hair back to normal? It must've been really hard!

Move over Lady Gaga, new crazy hairstyle! Wow, this just amazed me, an amazing hairstyle artist must have done this hairstyle, what do you think of it? I'm absoulutley amazed! I am just laughing so much of amazement! WOW, what do you think?

Picture copyrighted by me

This isn't a crazy hairstyle, but it reminds me of the one that Stardoll are selling in the shop 'Tress Up'. Does it remind you of that hairstyle from Stardoll, it sure does to me!

Thank you all SO much for reading, I hope you enjoyed, comment below about what you think! Martyna/Starbuster15

I just edited this post because some people were telling me that I need to be more serious and I can't put smiley faces. I used to write for this blog, but I haven't in quite a long time, so I guess I'm like new now? Please don't expect me to do everything perfectly, it can get annoying. I understand that I am not allowed to do smiley faces or any facial expressions now, so I guess I won't be told off anymore? Thanks for reading.


LaLaLina said...

Unique post, but Kayci said no to !!!!!!!!!!!!! and :)))))))))))) and <333333 and other smiley and stuff things. More serious. :|

Anonymous said...

I think you should read the rules kkrrbb78 wrote...

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

Okay, but I am knew. o.O

Kayci♥ said...

You can put smileys, but not too much :) Don't feel pressured to be PERFECT, just read the rules for info :)

LaLaLina said...

Good luck! :*

Martyna/Starbuster15✿◕ ‿ ◕✿ said...

I don't know where the rules are... And thanks Lina, Lina.... Please stop having things against me and my post, I am kind of feeling pressured having people point things out for me like I'm not very good at posts. Thanks Kayci and Lina.(:

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