April 10, 2012

Male Covergirl?!?

I was logging onto Stardoll as normal when I saw this:
It's a male covergirl!
I really do think it's about time that Stardoll changed the name to coverdoll or coverperson or something because think about if you were a male doll and won the title of 'COVERGIRL' that doesn't seem quite right in my mind...

What do you think, should Stardoll change from 'COVERGIRL' to something else? If so, what  should they change it to?

Mia/Mimi55519 <3 x


Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree!
It's just lazy of stardoll, they should make it maybe coverstar for both male & females

Mimi55519 | Mia said...

I think CoverStar is a great idea!

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