January 2, 2012

So not/ So yes (color combinations)

Hey there! So, today i want to talk about fashion. All of us know that there are some colors that don't go together! Like: red with pink or red with orange or orange and pink! Sometimes when you make the color tones right and the clothes on correctly, it doesn't look bad at all! I might be wrong in this post, but i'm a human, i make mistakes! So... 

 For me this is.... SO YES

  For me this is...... SO NOT

 For me this is..... SO NOT

  This is for me, also...... SO NOT

 This Is for me...... SO YES

 This for me is.... SO NOOOOOOOOO! 

Hope you liked this,

1 comment:

bracken1234 said...

I completely Agree with you although I Would probably wear the dress in the last picture :)

~ bracken1234

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