January 17, 2012

Makeup and sorry

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry i haven't been posting for some time now. I'm on Winter Vacation and i didn't have time... I hate this part of my life... Winter, so I have to do something. So... I used my models medolls to show you some makeup e.x. and the makeup that is used. This is my post, so i'm doing it my way, and i don't like extraordinary makeup, so i'm keeping it simple. Enjoy! ^^


Eyes- Volumizing mascara (3 sd), lengthening mascara (2 sd), Violet eye pencil (7 sd).
Lips- L'occotine Luis Henry Lipstick (18 sd) Maybeline lipgloss (0sd/free)
Jewelry- None


Eyes- Volumizing mascara (3 sd), lengthening mascara (2 sd), Spring Rain Eye Dust (22 sd)
Lips- Peach glitter lipstick (20 sd), Red Flame Lipstick (8 sd)
Accessories- Midsummer Hair Flowers (4 sc)


Eyes- Orchid Ice Eyeshadow (6 sd), Volumizing mascara (3 sd).
Lips- Spring Coral Glitter Lipstick (0 sd/free), Cat Von D Bright Crimson Lipstick (5 sd)
Accessories- Wig Designed by Laura-avil (8 sd)

Well, I hope you liked it,

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