July 8, 2011

Banner! and Makeup

Sorry i missed you Lina!

What is mascara?
Mascara is a black/brown (mostly) liquid that is dabbed on the top/bottom eyelashes to provide volume, length, and color.

What color should I buy?
Well, mascara really depends on you're eye-color, skin tone, eyelash volume, and hair color.

Quick survey: (add up results)

1. What color eyes do you have?
1. blue  2.brown    3. hazel   4. light brown  5. mixture

2. What color skin tone do you have?
1. light skin/pale  2. tan skin   3. brown skin   3. black skin

3.Eyelash volume?
1. big    2. huge    3. falseys    4. low     5. small

4.What color is your hair?
1.blonde/dirty blonde    2. brown    3. black   4. red-head    5. dark colors

Add up you're results!

4-8                                      9-14                                            15-18
Light-Bulb                    I want VOLUME                          Dark Colors           
You would be                You prefer long, beautiful               You would be better
best with brown              eyelashes, with volume!                 with dark colors!
mascara. You                 You would be better                      They would go
want volume-not             with black mascara                        better with your
to much, but light            because you have                          skin, and eyes!
colors suite you              darker hair.                                   Being a redhead
best!                                                                                 or having changing eyes

                                                                                        is probably your issue (confusion)


Types of mascara by Covergirl (R)

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