July 5, 2011


Sorry, i didn't write for days... OK, as i said, i'm gonna post about living. What i wanna say that i'm gonna post about how to live, be happy & be healthy in the same time... Today i will write about running every day...

I an sure all of you have seen a girl / boy running in the park where you usually go. Sometimes listening to music and sometimes running with a dog. There are 5 good reasons why you should do it:



1. It's relaxing & helps your eyes! (it's green in the park, and green is good for eyes)

2. If you go with your friend or dog it will make you happy, so you will have fun.

3. It is good for your body! After running you will fell stronger & healthier.

4.It's time to forget about the city, enjoy the nature. 

5. You lose соме pounds, that's good, really good.

Good enough?
Laura :)

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