February 7, 2011

Chloes Curtain.

hey i am back. With More News AND Advice. Cool So Here I Go!


Justing Bieber Has Released A DressUp And A Club. WOW! How exciting. Too Bad I HATE Justin Bieber. I Think He Is a....... Anyway we all know JB , >baby baby baby Ooo<>


So Now A Person ( chaya.stardoll) Went Up To ladygargar..x and she was warned Her About Her Behavior. I Know She Is Mean and all that but. Chaya.stardoll said she was stardoll staff to scare ladygargar..x She isn't really stardoll staff :0 What does this post mean? Don't Trust People Unless They Have Proof.


1 comment:

evermore1girl said...

There is so much justin bieber stuff out at the minute...

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