November 23, 2011


Stardoll guestbooks, they have their pros and their cons. Ususally, the messages are based on joing a certain club, or voting someone covergirl. Would you think that you would hear about death on stardoll? Particularly, no. Well, look at the guestbook message below...

Elite "Noelle_Page" is known on stardoll as a fantastic writer, and someone who really lets their creativity shine. Recently, there was a huge flood that did have impact on the Netherlands (where Noelle is from.) After this flood Noelle was a MIA stardoll member. "Eliteprotect" has left many comments in many guestbooks stating that Noelle is dead. Many people are accusing eliteprotect as a liar, but what if she really is telling the truth? The real question Noelle ever going to be on stardoll again? You have to be really sick to lie about someone dying. As you can tell from eliteprotect's passionate answer, she admires Noelle, why would she lie about something so serious?

From this comment, to the most recent comments you can see how no one really knowns where Noelle is, or what really happened.

Now, what about this girl, eliteprotect? I decided to look at her presentation. 

If you really read this, it really touches your heart. This girl eliteprotect really seems to admire Noelle A LOT. This is really something you have to think about. Is she being serious? Why would she lie about something like this? Eliteprotect could be using this for attention, but what kind of sick person has the heart to do this and scare many of Noelle's fans, and close friends.


Even to this exact date, Noelle recieves many guestbook comments. I really hope that eliteprotect is lying. This issue is very serious, and this is not something to joke about. Lets just hope that Noelle is okay, and we see her log on soon.


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