November 20, 2011

Applead (Dream Suites)

Today I saw a beautifully decorated penthouse! The girl name is Applead! Honestly she is so talented and she has great idea I bet. Take a look.  Also after looking at the suites I think you should stop by and give her a *5/5*! To vote her click here
 This penthouse how she decorated is so brilliant! Everyone wants it like this! Do they? Anyways by looking at this looks like a 5 star hotel relaxing area!  love it so much. Applead if you are reading this right now don't you feel so special? I think you do! If you wanna thank me this please do. My user is Selenasweetstar.
  Her other penthouse is even better! Look at this, this looks like Taj Mahal backside! She has everything here who someone needs to live! She has great idea. I think this took very long, don't you think? If you don't know what a Taj Mahal is then the picture to it is under.
This is a Taj Mahal.

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