October 5, 2011

Doll Dish

Doll Dish- October 5th, 2011

Outfit Rating
Indigo26 really shows her creativity with her outfit. I absolutely love this outfit. It's elegant, yet modern, with a twist! The skirt is completely beautiful! I love it! Her outfit is perfect! There is nothing wrong or ugly with it! For the first time her outfit gets...
5 Stars!

Presentation Rating
For her presentation, I'll be honest...I don't like it...at all. It's personally not my style, but if she seems to like it then that's good! I would probably say maybe avoid loads of pictures (or use a scroll box) and avoid numerous amounts of color. It just makes it look way too bright.
2 Stars!

Suite Rating
For being a non-superstar, Indigo26 shows her suite talent by adding many things to her rooms. But, are there too many things? I would say so. Her suite furniture really doesn't match, but It still looks nice! One thing I don't like is that in her one room she has waves...and a clam, but it's not underwater? 
3 Stars!

Makeup Rating
Indigo's makeup really, really does stand out! She avoids black and white smokey eye, and shows her talent with makeup by blending numerous colors together. This makeup was going to get 5 stars, but the only thing that really ruins this look is....the Fake eyelashes. I hate those eyelashes! If stardoll was going to make new ones...then make them actually look real?
4 Stars!

Overall She is...
3.5 Stars!
Good job Indigo26!

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