August 17, 2011

Urmm... Hi

Hey there(: I'm Jennie / MissElydia1999 and I'm a new writer here on SassyStardoll. I will be writing about the 'Must Have of The Week'! This is a weekly competition where I will choose an item from the Stardoll StarPlaza and you can put it into a outfit! Say I chose 'White Basic Miniskirt from Basics' I would show you an example of an outfit and you would make your very own unique outfit but it must include the chosen item - in this case the 'White Basic Miniskirt from Basics'. I will post on the Must Have every Wednesday and you will have until Monday to submit your entry. Simply upload your outfit onto TinyPic then post the link in comments below :) On the following Monday I will look through all the entries and post them here, I will also create a poll in that post where you will vote for your favourite outfit. On the following Wednesday the poll will be closed and the person with the most votes will win. They will be announced in my post along with another 'Must Have' and the process will start again. I hope you understand, if you do not feel, feel free to contact me on stardoll (misselydia1999). Unfortunately I am going on holiday to Turkey on Friday so this 'Weekly Competition' cannot start until I come back. My next post will be on the 7th September 2011 and I will post the very first Must Have!



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