June 15, 2011

VERSACE-Versus Tribute

We had a lot of names on stardoll before, now for, as i know the first time, Versace has its own store in the starbazar! Versace is a famous mark after all, one of the top 10 that's for sure!  Versace was first showed like a little store in Milan in 1978. The owner, Gianni Versace made sure the store is now on the biggest shopping streets!  Stardoll made some of the dresses from the spring/summer collection for 2011. They are relay identical, but this is a game, so it has some differences. I can not show you any images right now cause the blog won't show them. :( And if i could, i would not copy them from underneath stardoll, i think that writer who do that ate just... Never mind! :D 

                 GIANNI VERSACE

Love ya all, 

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