June 30, 2011

Oh my gosh. You writers are doing such a great job!!!! This blog is so wonderful!!! You guys really rock!

Okay I know I haven't wroten in forever!!! But am sorry. Th
e problem is the computer I use is my dads and he uses it for work and right now it's at a festival in PA called creation. It's a really cool festival with Christian singings, speakers and cool games but it has my computer! :( my sis has a computer that I can use to get on to stardoll but I cant use it to post because all my stuff is on the other one:( kinda Mad right now.. Anyway am using my phone right now but it's hard to use and does not upload photos.. am really sorry guys!! The festival ends on sunday so maybe by Tuesday i'll be post a lot again.. Am so sorry guys! Am a horrible co-owner:(


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