April 11, 2011


Todays covergirl is kellaaayx3! congrats!!!!
kellaaayx3 name is lauren, and she is from canada! she is on twitter, username is LaurenKie*.

5th Place Scenery Winner 16/01/2010
1st Place Scenery Winner 17/01/2010
4th Place Catwalk Winner 02/04/2011
4th Place Catwalk Winner 03/04/2011
1st Place National Cover Girl 04/04/2011
1st Place Catwalk Winner 09/04/2011
1st Place Catwalk Winner 10/04/2011
1st Place Covergirl 11/04/2011


Medoll: 4/10, am sorry i just don't like it. it might be her style, or maybe even yours, but i think its lacking something, maybe some eye-make-up and darker hair.

Suite: 9/10! very creative, very beautiful! just stunting! lovely, very very awesome!

Clothes: 7/10, i rather like her clothes! very chick, i love the kinda office look going on, very cute!

Scenery: 6/10, very creative, but not made very well.

Album: 6/10, better then some but needs a little bit more creativity!

All in all: she's a six!

viset her at:


Gwen martin / Itickets123

p.s. someone should come rate me sometime! i always feel evil when i give low numbers :( but am just writing what i think, anyway who knows if i even has good fashion sence? so if you please go to my suite and rate me! write it in a comment to this ;)

love you guys! ~Gwen

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