January 18, 2013

To do

Hello guys.
So, I had the impression that the holiday would bring me more time for posting, but unfortunately, i was wrong. It seems that now that this holiday is over, I have more time for posting. I see, many writers, have tons to do, even know we don't have school. I understand. No, really, i do. Because, it just so happens, I have my agenda full. I came up with this, er.. thing, to start off fresh on this blog. Everybody, make a post about, well, yourself.
-What do you like?
-Any hobbies? If yes, please name them.
*If you feel like you don't wanna give out this much info, it okay, you can make it short*
-Favorite subject?
-What kind of a person are you? (personality)
-How would others describe you?
-Anything interesting about you?
-Anything unusual?

(I would appreciate if you do this)


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