October 19, 2012

Halloween/ I'm Back!


Hey girls I'm back with so Halloween costume ideas. First of all for Halloween you should be something you are usually not just so you can be different this Halloween! Like for me I am being a Stupid Blonde (like from when people say "I'm such a blonde!") Also make sure it's creative because personally when i answer the door on Halloween and see Vampires and Ghosts it's cute but, everyone is usually those. Last year I was a cannibal so like I said something creative! Here are so ideas:
Halloween Costumes for Women | Women's Halloween Costumes <-----Click there to go to those Halloween costumes + MANY more!
 Just Creative! So if you are having trouble with your costume comment down below and I will help!

xoxoxox with love Carly/FamousWolf 


LaLaLina said...

My idiot country doesn't have Halloween... :'|

LaLaLina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

you don't have halloween?):

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