June 9, 2012


So, you noticed that i am in the music mood in my last posts! Yes well, this is a singer and a song writer that you might have heard of-Marina and the Diamonds. She is, if you ask me, the most amazing singer! Well, here are some songs, that are the most popular, and some not so popular, but yet, i really love them.
Pay attention to the lyrics, it is written beautifully. 
Marina is not gorgeous, she is beautiful face and she looks special and sweet. 

This song is really, really good... Primadonna

This one is called I am not a robot.


Lies. My personal favorite.

Hollywood. Big link....

Mowgli's path. Not one of my faves.

Oh no, is one of my faves.



Seriously, check these songs out! 
You know you'll love them,
Laura James 

1 comment:

Jamie-Leigh said...

Not a big fan of her, like a few of them though.

~ bracken1234

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