April 1, 2012

Make-up:Go natural!

                                                  *Yes,yes I'm back sooner that what you waited!*
 I think you already understood what this topic
is about but here it is once more:  
Make-up:Go natural!
 Most of you are teenagers and you don't even need all those tones of make-up you wear 
everywhere.I bet you now think I'm talking like your mother but it's true girls!We don't
need such a lot of make-up just to do simple things like going to the supermarket.I don't 
say you shouldn't wear make-up when you go out but as a greek proverb says
"Παν μέτρον άριστον" or in english "Less is more".
 Of course it isn't the same for stardoll because there we can do anything we want
but I think natural make-up is the best solution for stardoll too because it's cheaper
and sometimes even better!
Don't believe me?Here are some natural make overs!

1.Chic & Natural
Final look:

Items needed:

2.Natural beauty
Final look:

Items needed:

3.Naturalism with a touch of apricot
Final look:

Items needed:

So..What do you think now?
Do you still think the more make-up you put,the more beautiful you become?
I dont think so!

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