November 12, 2011


Okay guys I know most of you have probably already read my post down there, and I just want to let you know if you're having trouble in real life, if you're busy let me know! It does not bother me at all! The only thing that bothers me is when you're constantly making up excuses. If it's not you're fault and It's a real issue I'm not going to use it against you! I'm not trying to be rude, or in this case a brat. I just want to get my point across!

Many of you have so much potential! I love to see you're new posts! Most of the time I smile. In the summer, (June, July...) I visited the blog and there had to be 3-6 posts everyday! I was so happy! Then we reached up to 82 Followers! Honestly, in the summer this blog was amazing. I was blown away! I remember back in June when we had maybe 50 followers. I'm not even joking, you guys did amazing!

All I'm asking for is to see you write. I'm not talking about every day, but every other day. It just makes me smile to see your work. You could do something simple, like item of the day. Just write guys! You're all talented. Show you're potential because all of you have it.

-Kayci :)

1 comment:

Laura_James said...

Yeah, but, it was summer! No school, no problems and we had more free time...

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