September 22, 2011



So today i am inspired by something i do! I play volleyball, for like an year or two, and i think i am really good at it! But i won't be talking about me! So, volleyball is actually a really nice sport! My mom says that it made me really taller, and that is true, since last year, i am 11 cm taller, and officially one of the tallest girls in my class! But so is my generation! anyway, volleyball is a lot about teamwork! You can do it on your own in this sport, and that's why you have 5 more girls next to you!

Beach Volleyball

That's fun! I had a chance to do it once! It was nice, different than every other match! I am writin this, and in 30 min. my volleyball training starts! beach volleyball is great because of the sand, well, and the feeling of the wind! In my club, i have the coolest "teachers"! They are so awesome & not to forget they are great!

(i can't post more today i have pretty full day)

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