May 29, 2011

Hey Everyone ! Sorry , I haven't posted recently , but i thought I would take the time to post something about Stardoll.

Recently, Stardoll renevated that rooms. They added a beach suite! I personally thought that it was just adorable, so i bought the suit for 199 stardollars. I made mine into a wedding suit. What you have decorated yours like?

Some interesting ideas that you could make your summery beach suit:

-Just a hangout kind of theme

-Summer Fashions

-A day at the beach


-Love on The Water


I personally think that Stardoll hit a homerun with this new edition. What do you think? Post your comments about stardoll's new renovations in the comment section below.

I'm very excited to be writing for Sassy Stardoll again! Thanks for having me back♥

This is MissLindsayRae, signing off.(;

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