May 10, 2011

Good morning!

Hey guys! I don't have much to wrote today, but I do hope you all had a wonderful week :) and good morning! Yea it's 7:30am and it's early for me:p heehe am home-schooled so I don't have to wake up this early most of the time.

Anyway, am sorry I haven't wrote in a few days, I haven't been busy really I just don't know what to write! So if you have any ideas please tell me!

But I am so happy everyday I come on here and see new posts! I remember when it was just me and kayci posting! So I am sooo happy with the writers right now!! And this blog has just gotten so far! Am just so happy!

Now only if we had epic followers! You know the one that commet and read are posts!...

Anyway don't forget about my contest!!! Ends June 1!

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